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Adjustable Gastric Band Procedure in New York

Adjustable Band Bariatric Surgery, New York Illustration Image - William A. Graber, MD, PC Another option for weight loss surgery is the adjustable gastric band. New York patients often choose William A. Graber, MD, PC for management and revisions of gastric bands. While the band is not as effective as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, it may be an option for some patients. We discuss all options with patients before moving forward with surgery.

With an adjustable gastric band, the patient has the same small thumbnail size abdominal incisions as the gastric bypass. Through these incisions, the surgeon places a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pouch above it. As with the gastric bypass, the pouch is the key to the way the operation works. Filling the small pouch with a few bites of food will make a patient feel like they have eaten a very large meal, so they will want to eat less.

The lap band has an inflatable inner surface. For the band to work it must be tight enough and it must occasionally be adjusted. The adjustments, or "fills," are made through a port that is connected to the band. The port is placed just under the skin in the abdominal wall. The adjustments are usually done in the surgeon’s office. Sterile salt water, or "saline," is used to fill the band to make it fit tighter. If it needs to be less tight, some saline can be removed. The band is not filled initially after surgery. The first adjustment is usually made about 6 weeks after your surgery. Further adjustments will be determined based on your weight loss and other factors as observed by your surgeon.

For more information on the gastric band, New York residents are advised to schedule a consultation with William A. Graber, MD, PC. From our offices in Syracuse and New Hartford, we serve all of Upstate New York. Contact us today to start your journey.