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Gastric Sleeve Procedure in New York

Gastric Sleeve, New York Procedure Illustration Image - William A. Graber, MD, PC The gastric sleeve, also called the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or just the "sleeve," is an additional weight loss surgery option. If interested in the gastric sleeve, New York residents should contact William A. Graber, MD, PC for more information on the procedure. With locations in Syracuse and New Hartford, we serve patients across Upstate New York and beyond.

Weight loss is better with the gastric bypass than the sleeve, and the gastric bypass more reliably resolves diabetes. Reflux is also not resolved as reliably with the sleeve compared to the gastric bypass, and there is a higher leak rate with the sleeve vs the gastric bypass. Please discuss all surgical options with your surgeon.

With the gastric sleeve, most of the stomach is removed, leaving just a thin "tube" of stomach to hold the food eaten at a meal. The tube-shaped stomach is sealed closed with staples. The tube functions just like a pouch. It allows patients to feel extremely satisfied with the smaller amount of food, and therefore they tend to eat much less than before surgery.

If you’re interested in weight loss surgery or the gastric sleeve, New York-based William A. Graber, MD, PC is the practice to call. Contact us today.