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Latest Weight Loss Surgery News

Recent Study Reveals The Safeness And Effectiveness Of Bariatric Surgery

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A study published online in JAMA Surgery in December 2013 has shed new light on both the effectiveness and safety related to bariatric surgery. The large study, which was conducted between 2003-2012, observed more than 160,000 patients across 164 separate studies. It showed that the procedures produced long-term results on weight loss and obesity-related diseases. In addition, the death rates and other complications were found to actually be lower than what was previously reported in prior analysis.
There was diabetes remission for 92% of the patients observed in the randomized clinical trials following weight loss surgery, and an 86% remission rate in those who participated in observational studies. These rates are significantly higher than the 75.8% remission rate that was reported in a 2004 study conducted by JAMA. Additionally, the remission rates for hypertension were around 75%, an increase of close to 15% compared to the 2004 study.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) decrease rate was also astonishing. Patients entered the study with an average a 45.63 BMI (a BMI over 40 is considered severely obese), but five years following surgery their BMI level fell by 12 to 17 points.
More importantly, the new study showed that bariatric surgery is actually safer than gallbladder surgery. The mortality rate was just 0.08%, a .22% decrease from the 0.3% that was reported in 2004, and complication rates were 10-17%.
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