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Latest Weight Loss Surgery News

Goodbye Bari-Cat-Trics

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Last week the offices of William A. Graber, MD, PC lost a very dear animal friend, Bari-Cat-Trics.  Bari passed away peacefully with a very dear friend close by, as many of us had him in our thoughts.  For those of you that didn’t know, Bari was our office cat from the old Utica office.  He was rescued by us shortly after birth 5 years ago and lived the life of a furry little prince ever since.  Please read this reprint from a story written about Bari last year. We would like to acknowledge and thank the many staff members that were involved very directly in the care of Bari throughout his entire life- you helped make his life so rich, as he did in turn for many of us in his short time.  Here is one of the last pictures taken of Bari, it has affectionately been named "Bari's last ride" by the photographer.

Looking to Get Healthy? Use a Grocery List!

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Keeping a grocery list can help you get healthy and stay within budget!  Make that list and stick to it- "pre-commit yourself to a healthy purchase plan".

Happy Nurses Week!

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Happy Nurses Week 2015 to all of the caring, dedicated nurses and caregivers at William A. Graber, MD, PC, Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare, Utica, New York and St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Syracuse NY. Your devotion to the best care for your patients does not go unnoticed- without each of you, we would not be what we are. Our appreciation is unending- this one's for you:

Beware of Calorie Miscounts - from the NY Times

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In Dr. David Ludwig's clinic..."patients are not expected to count calories, but instead learn how to choose types and quantities of food that will reduce hunger and promote weight loss without calorie restriction" ---- Sound familiar? Typically this is the philosophy we use regarding bariatric surgery eating as well. The more filling the food is, the less you'll eat and the longer it will last you, making the calories fall into line as needed.  See this NY Times article on how accounting for every single calorie can still leave your calculations a bit "off".