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Latest Weight Loss Surgery News

Bariatric Surgery - No Longer a Mystery! Join Our Support Group Tomorrow & Next Week!

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Bariatric surgery is certainly a complex process and it is only natural for you to have many questions on your mind. However, to get the correct answers, you need to know who to direct those questions to. We say - our bariatric surgery experts, who can address every single one of your doubts adequately and accurately. 

Whether you’re just starting to wrap your head around the entire process, you’ve made a decision and you want to prepare, or you need advice regarding your recovery, we’re here for you to share all your concerns. Also, if you’re a family member/partner/friend, you’re welcome to join us, too!

Come to join us for our bariatric support group tomorrow, starting 6:30pm! 

This week's support group will be held at our usual location:
* St. Luke's: This Tuesday (Dec 11th) @ 6:30pm

Next week's support groups:
* St. Luke's: Next Thursday (Dec 20th) @ 6:30pm
* St. Joe's: Next Wednesday (Dec 19th) @ 6:30pm

The Details:

When: This Tuesday, Dec 11th @ 6:30pm & Next Thursday (Dec 20th)
Where: Sogg's Conference Room at the St. Luke's Home (Behind St. Luke's Hospital), 1650 Champlin Ave, Utica, NY 
Contact: Bariatric Coordinator at St. Lukes - (315) 624-6398

When: Next Wednesday, Dec 19th @ 6:30pm
Where: 7246 Janus Park Drive, Liverpool NY (Off of Taft Road) Meeting held in St. Joseph's Healthcare Network Building, Conference Room A (2nd floor)
Contact: Danielle O'Brien - (315) 448-5825

CNY Veterans Outreach Center

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How could we forget?!! One more VERY WORTHY organization we collected monetary AND food/clothing donations for this year...the CNY Veterans Outreach Center via the Mohawk Valley Society for Human Resource Management's Holiday Drive! The CNY Veterans Outreach Center's comprehensive and wide reaching efforts to support veterans in this area is so valuable - please consider a donation of any size, today!